We're Cultivating Life!

Welcome to Takao Nursery! We’re a wholesale propagator and our priority is providing our customers with quality liners and the attentive service they deserve, but there’s more to us than that! As a family owned and operated company, we also strive to build relationships with our customers, our employees and the people we meet along the way and we hope that includes you!

Based in Fresno, at the heart of California, we ship to growers here on the west coast and throughout the nation. Our state of the art facility and the varying conditions of the San Joaquin Valley allow us to deliver products that are strong, hardy and ready to grow!

Now, let me tell you a little more about our story so you can get to know us better!



My grandparents, Howard and Fumiko, originally began the company during the 60’s, down in sunny southern California. Back then we were a groundcover supplier to the local landscape and nursery trade.takao_groundcoverdays

Later in 1979, my grandparents relocated up Fresno (why they moved away from the warm weather and big cities, I’ll never understand!). They resumed the family business along with my parents, Danny and Renu, and my dad’s two brothers.


takao_lisaatnurseryA year later I was born, followed by my sister and younger brother. My parents now not only had the role of raising a young family, but they also assumed responsibility of the nursery from my grandparents.

While continuing to supply groundcover to the nursery trade, they also briefly dabbled in landscaping and garden retail and eventually tried their hand in perennial propagation in the 90’s. By the late 90’s, we had fully transitioned to perennial propagation, which continues to be our specialty today!

After having several years of propagation experience under his belt, my father began approaching plant breeders from around the world to acquire new and exclusive plant material for the company to carry.

takao_startoflinersThe first breeding company we signed a contract with was Koala Blooms (later renamed to Outback Plants, Ltd.) based in Melbourne, Australia. This was followed by agreements with DeRuiter Roses of Holland, and other breeders from the US and around the world, including the UK, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and more!takao_breakingground

Soon we had outgrown our original location and in 1999 the decision to expand to a larger facility was made. We purchased a 10 acre lot a few miles away and broke ground later that fall. Although we still own our original property which now houses stock plants, our new location is now our main headquarters with our primary growing facility and office located here.takao_polkfacility2

takao_grandkidsWith myself and my brother involved in the family business we are now on our third generation here at the nursery. And we may even have yet another future generation down the road! My daughters Gwen and Emma have a lot of green running through their little veins with nursery families on both sides! My husband, Darren, and his family, own and run McCall’s Nurseries, Inc, a fourth generation grower, where his father, brother and aunt are also involved.

With so many family members in the industry, I’m sure you can imagine what dinner conversation is like!

Well, from all of us here at Takao’s – here’s to cultivating life and to growing together!